Production Photos by B-Lew

November 18, 2008

Both Brian Lewis and Hakeem Jimoh have been helping me out a ton lately with gathering photo and video content for the video. Check out some of these photos shot this past weekend by B-Lew while filming for “Its About Time”

JWu: Unity – Providence

Jeff: Royale – Providence

Jeff: ao topacid – Boston

Andy L: frontflip – Boston

Checkout more of Brian’s photo work on his flickr page


MA leftovers

November 14, 2008

Some more MA footage that didn’t make the video.
Featuring Tom Ferrante, Jim Lamarche, and Brian Long.

Andy – fs torque – AD

November 14, 2008

This photo was also shot early summer while filming for Radius. Both Andy and Julio killed this droprail. The design was done by Chris Piascik who if you havent noticed is also doing all the artwork for “It’s About Time”

Julio A – a/o Soul AD

November 14, 2008


I shot this photo of Julio Amiyama while filming for the next issue of Radius. It’s still up in the air whether or not that issue is going to come out so I decided to save the video and pic for my video. With a sketchy run-up and little light from a streetlight Julio laced this alley opp soul over and over until it was perfect. What a trooper

Leftovers Edit #1

November 12, 2008

Montage of leftover footage from Its About Time.

Winston W. Disaster – LA

November 3, 2008

Tom Lipani sent me this clips of Winstons disaster at the ALL OUT comp? in LA.

Some CT footage thanks to Erik Ustach. Here are the leftovers.