“It’s About Time” is a New England project… This is Gabe Holm’s 4th skate video release.

The video focuses on documenting the skaters and spots in the northeastern part of the United States.


Winston Wardwell from San Clemente, CA flew out to Boston film for 7 days and he produced a really amazing profile which works great in contrast of the other 4 New England skaters with sections: Andy Leitermann, Jeff Dalnas, Andrew Smolak, and John Williams.
Quinn Feldman
from Los Angeles also submitted footage and has a full profile in the extras.

Filmed from May-November. This video was shot in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

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Who is featured in the video?

Full Profiles:
Andrew Smolak – “Smokes”
Andy Leitermann
Jeff Dalnas
John Williams – “Johnny Wu”
Quinn Feldman
Winston Wardwell

Mini Parts:
Anthony Chen
Benny Strout
Brian Long
Casey Geraghty
Gabe Holm
John Odonnell
Jimmy Gill
Julio Amiyama
Kyle Couture
Keegan Smith
Mo Marzuq
Scott Campbell
Taylor Green

Other People with clips:
Adam Caroselli
Ben Price
Billy Oneil
Brandon Ford
Brian Lewis
Brendon Brown
Colin Kelso
Andrew Chiu
Chris Piascik
Craig Nogler
Dustin Spagenger
Eric Torres
Erik Ustach
Felix Acevedo
Franco Cammayo
Hakeem Jimoh
Justin Brasco
Jon Fromm
Jamie Murrett
Jim Lamarche
John Greene
John Lyke
Kevin Phan
Mark Wodja
Patrick Collins
Rob Zajac
Ryan Googins
Ryan Strout
Sean Castiglio
Sean Keane
Zach Bozzer
Tom Ferrante



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